The app started life as the germ of an idea during the middle of 2017 when a stove installer starts a conversation with an app developer:

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could design me some software. So I can quickly create chimney designs on screen, rather than using graph paper which is slow?”

Well it couldn’t be too difficult could it?

Initial research for the app involved rifling through over 200 pencil and graph paper twin wall chimney designs (202 to be exact), all created for paying customers and with a combined retail parts value of some £200,000. After digesting all of this knowledge it was apparent that this was going to be a challenge:

‘Gable ends look difficult... how do we cope with adjustable parts, brackets... pivotable offsets? And there’s two colours... and different diameters... and Vitreous and Twin wall... and stove rear and stove top... and different shaped buildings... and roof pitches...”

Well, one bite at a time...

The app was planned to take six months. It proved even more difficult than expected, eventually being close to ready for launching some fifteen months after the first programming started. There were plenty of late nights brainstorming problems as they arose. One of the more time consuming jobs was creating each part, to scale, in four different views with defined rules for how each part might behave from four different perspectives.

During the app’s development phase 84 further chimney designs were created using the app, all for paying customers. Feedback from installers was particularly useful during this period.

We hope you enjoy using the app.

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